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Sunday, November 11th 2018. | SHAREit for PC

SHAREit For Mac is the fastest way and free application to transfer music, videos, photos, documents, folders and apps between Mac to any device or Any device to Mac. Send any BIG file (Gigabytes) Mac to Mac in minutes without any cable, USB, data-connection or internet. Send any content from Phone or Tablet to Mac or Mac to Phone or Tablet it is easy to do it using SHAREit For Mac. Wireless devices automatically find each other when they are in range with SHAREit App For Mac. Send BIG Files (More Than Gigabytes)  and videos with 300x faster than Bluetooth in seconds. SHAREit has built-in security and privacy features to make you secure from attackers and virus while sending data. Transfer files between Mac, Windows, Phones and Tablets.


In previous articles such SHAREit For Windows 8 or SHAREit For Windows 10 we published content for Windows Users, but now however in this article, we are focused for Mac Users. In this article, you will need to know how to use and install SHAREit on Mac and the features of it in details.

SHAREit For Mac – All You Need To Know:

SHAREit For Mac is a free application to send data to mac devices or any device to mac at lightning speed. You need to just download it and install it on iMac or Macbook Computers. Just connect with device whom you want to send data using direct Wi-Fi connection without any cable or internet connection and select file which you want to send and then click on send.

Big advantage of this app is that you can communicate with any device or any operating system.  It doesn’t matter that what platform are using because SHAREit For Mac can communicate with any SHAREit enabled device. You can share data with over 5 devices at time

Features of SHAREit For Mac:

  • Backup your data from Phone to Mac:

Almost 50% people have phone with low memory storage and suffering from low space warning, so SHAREit For Mac is a solution for them, you can backup your all mobile data including messages, contacts, media files, videos, local music etc. to Mac with just one tap using “SHAREit App”. Never need to delete your important data to save some chunks of mobile memory. By backup of your data to your iMac. By this way you’ll get more space in your mobile.

  • Mobile to Mobile transfer:

You can transfer any file such as messages, contacts, apps, media files etc. using SHAREit For Mobile. Just download and install it and after this all you need to click on the send button, select your desired data you want to send, now choose the receiver (You’ll see there is radar searching near by devices using Shareit app) now choose your target device and click on send. That’s it.

  • Mac to Mac transfer:

SHAREit For Mac is a free application to transfer any type of files from Mac to Mac, click on the send button, select your desired data, now choose your colleague and click on the send button.

  • Control Music:

Do you know you can play music into you Mac from phone? yes you can play any music into Mac just download SHAREit for Mac and install it and connect it with your mobile, now play any song into your mobile it will be automatically played on Mac.

  • 5x Transfer Speed:

Transfer any data from Mac to mobile in seconds, SHAREit transfers content in ultra high speed which enables it to transfer any BIG file into seconds.

  • Easy To Connect With Any Device (Multiplatform):

SHAREit is the most widely using app in the market for transferring data, using this app it is very easy to transfer any thing between any device because its connecting to any type of device feature is amazing.

Pros Of SHAREit For Mac:

  • Share Any Type Of File.
  • 300x Faster Than Bluetooth.
  • Ultra High Transferring Speed.
  • Support Multiplatform.

Cons Of SHAREit For MAC:

  • Have Some Bugs.
  • It Hangs Sometimes.
  • Have To Re-establish connection for a new transfer.

SHAREit For Mac Download Link (Latest Version):

You can start SHAREit download by just clicking on given below link. By single tap on this link SHAREit for Mac starts downloading.


How To Install SHAREit on MacOS:

Installing SHAREit on Mac is very easy, you just need to follow all steps carefully and download it from given below link. Consider the following steps:

  1. First of all Download SHAREit For Mac from given below link.
  2. Now find the downloaded file in computer.
  3. Double click on the SHAREit App.
  4. Accept All Terms And Conditions.
  5. Now Click On Begins Installation.
  6. After Installing, You Can Start Using SHAREit For Mac.

How To Use SHAREit For Mac:

Transferring files from Mac To Any Platform or Any Platform To Mac is now very easy, after installing you can start sending files, just follow given below steps carefully:

  1. Open SHAREit App that we just recently installed in Mac.
  2. Search Option “Show QR Code”
  3. After Finding That Option, Click On It.
  4. Then Click on “Scan QR Code On Your Phone”
  5. Now Camera Will Start Working Bring Camera Near To Your Mac
  6. And Scan “QR Code”.
  7. Now Your Phone and Mac Is Connected With Each other.
  8. You Can Now Start Sending Files.